20 Link Building Software Websites Taking The Internet By Storm

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Backlink Builder software para linkbuilding

Backlink builder software is an automated tool that submits backlinks to different websites and assists you in ranking higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs). The software does not have 100% success rates, but it will help improve your ranking.

There are a few things to think about when selecting the best backlink builder software for your requirements. These include ease-of-use, cost and the value.


The X-Wizard tool is an effective tool for backlink building which helps SEOs monitor and examine their websites. It also provides details on the domains linking to them as well as their competitors. The software is also less expensive than other options on the market which makes it an attractive option for small businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

X-Wizard includes a number of important features which include the ability to build a custom link campaign, search backlinks based on keywords, and view them on the map. Its user-friendly interface also allows you to easily customize your campaigns.

A third feature is the capability of a site to show its anchor’s location. This is especially useful when looking into potential link sources. It can save links in an order so that you can return to them later and contact website owners.

The program has a function for removing links. This allows you to remove harmful links from your portfolio quickly and accurately.

It also comes with a keyword analysis feature that lets you identify high-ranking keywords that are relevant to your business. This will help you identify the most relevant keywords for your site and devise efficient seo software link building strategies to market it.

There are a variety of other beneficial features provided by X-Wizard which include the ability to build unlimited links, monitor and analyze your backlinks and test your content marketing campaigns. The software can be integrated with a range of other online tools, such as analytics and content management software.

Other benefits of using a linking building tool are increased efficiency, improved quality, and an in-depth analysis. These tools can aid you in maximising your ROI and increase your site’s online visibility. It is essential to select the right tool based on your requirements. You can make this happen by comparing alternatives based on cost and capabilities, integrations, and user feedback.


BuzzSumo is a comprehensive content marketing and backlink building tool that allows you to track the development of, identify, and study the latest trends in topics such as keywords, influencers, and keywords. Its tools for analytics and search engine allow you to locate information and insights that are relevant to any company.

Content Analyzer is one of the most powerful features which reveals popular and high-quality content on any topic. It will reveal how many links the article has been exposed to, what social platforms are most popular, and the amount of engagement it has earned over time. This will help you create more relevant and interesting content for your readers, and ensure that they receive the maximum amount of exposure.

Another feature that is helpful is the question analyzer, which lets you view the type of questions people ask on Quora, Reddit, and over 250,000 other forums and comment sections. This helps you understand what people are looking for, which questions you can address in your content, and which keywords are the most popular for that specific topic.

It also provides keyword analysis to help you determine long tail variations of your desired keywords, and to identify relevant, new keywords to use in your contents. The search results contain keywords and are sorted by the frequency, popularity and search volume.

Finally, BuzzSumo’s monitoring feature can help you keep tabs on your brand’s reputation by making it possible to set up alerts for any mentions of your business. This lets you to respond to negative feedback and Backlink Builder Software take proactive measures to avoid any harm.

BuzzSumo offers a variety of paid plans. The Pro package starts at $79/month and goes up to $239 per month with the Large plan. Pricing is charged annually and you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of any plan.


Backlinks are a crucial element of SEO. It’s crucial to monitor them and make sure they’re high-quality. There are numerous tools that can help.

SERPChecker allows you to examine the quality of backlinks that are on your website and provide an overview. It is simple to use and comes with an intuitive navigation system that lets you to search for any link. You can obtain an extensive report in a matter of minutes.

It also allows you to track your backlinks over time to see how they’ve developed, helping you improve your SEO strategy in the long run. Its features include analysis of the backlink profile, anchor text planner, and keyword research.

The tool is free to use and operated by Ahrefs. Ahrefs manages the second largest database of backlinks (only after Google) on the internet. This makes it an excellent option for conducting research on backlinks.

The site offers a preview of how a website will appear in the SERPs. This will help you determine the best seo link building software way to optimize your website for specific keywords.

Moreover, it includes additional SEO metrics, such as Moz Rank and Domain Authority. It has a huge database that can help you find backlinks from your competitors.

It offers a variety of tools for building links which include guest blogging, blogger outreach, and SEO CRM. It also includes a spam-metric that can help you determine links on low-quality sites.

The platform offers an SEO checklist that can assist you in creating strategies for building links and then conduct an audit of your site. It also has a large database and an automatic link finder that reduces experts’ workload and helps to stay ahead of the game.


LinkMiner is an extremely useful tool that lets you examine backlinks on the internet, including your competitors’ sites. It has an easy-to-use interface and a myriad of features that can help you boost your site’s ranking on search engines.

It also helps you find sites with the most potential, so you can begin to build links to them. You can save the sites to a list so that you can revisit them in the future.

You can sort and filter hyperlinks using metrics such as nofollow, deleted, or new. This allows you to quickly determine which links are detrimental to your site’s rank and which help.

You can also save a link as a favorite so that you can quickly access it whenever you want to. It also shows you the green lock pad which indicates that the website is secured via SSL.

Although it may seem like a minor thing but it could have a huge impact on your SEO campaign. If you want your site to rank higher in search engines, you need to have quality links that point to it.

In addition, it’s crucial to ensure that the links you’re receiving are from reliable websites, in order to pass on their own SEO value. This means finding out if the site is trustworthy and relevant to the industry you’re in.

The tool allows you to see the anchor text and location of the link on a site. This can make it easier to assess the impact of a link and whether you should attempt at obtaining it.

LinkMiner offers a unique feature, which many other tools don’t: the ability to save links. This lets you sort the links you come across through your link research and later build them which can save you time and make your workflow more efficient.


Raven is an application that will help you with your SEO efforts. It offers a variety of features, including keyword tracking, site crawling and monitoring social media. It also offers ranking tracking to track the results.

Backlink building is among the most important SEO aspects. These links are what drive your site to the top of the SERPs. They demonstrate to Google that your site is reliable and trustworthy. You can utilize a backlink generator to get high-quality links that will improve your rankings as well as your website’s overall authority.

The Raven Tools linkbuilding software is an easy-to-use platform to assist you with your SEO efforts. It comes with an audit of your site and a technical site analysis to examine your site for errors and problems. It also comes with a backlink analysis and research tool that can help you determine which kind of backlinks will be most beneficial to your site.

Another important feature of Raven is its tools for analyzing competition. These tools will help you spy on competitors, identify harmful hyperlinks and stay one step ahead of them.

Raven lets you look for websites that are similar based on keywords and page speed, quality and design. You can make side-by-side comparisons and see how your site compares to theirs.

Raven also has a link management tool that helps you monitor your backlinks and manage your portfolio. The linkbuilding software lets you add and delete backlinks from your account.

There are five pricing plans available for Raven which includes a free trial. Each one of them has its own features and benefits. They vary from 109$ all the way to 479$ per month.